Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Why am i posting in english

So lets continue..

"Why are you posting in english even your grammar was totally out"

Alright guys,

I'm posting my story in english is because I'm learning. Oh God, I did not have any mix .. LOL 🤣
Okay, let me share something. In my office (currently doing part time) all of my bosses does not know how to talk in bahasa even my malay officemate (they know but it's habit to talk in English).


For my first day working, I did not talking (I can speak in English but not fluently) to anyone because I'm afraid they will not understand plus my department was all Chinese and Indian. Can you imagine? How the talkative hyperactive person facing those situation. 😞 

So, let me share with you some tips that i use to be more confident even you don't know how to speak in English fluently. 

# Be more concern, which is when you hear somebody talk about something (words) that you never heard before.. remember to find the meaning. Believe me, you will remember the words untill you die. 😑

# Don't shy, just talk.

# Don't talk with accent overly, you are trying to fool yourself.

# Be confident, you need to believe in yourself. 

# Don't busy with your grammatical error while talking. Nobody gives you mark. 


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